Baby Eagle @ The Rec Room Expo

The Bad Bad Bad @ The Rec Room Expo

The Wooden Wives together with Babette Hayward, Zale To-Infinity and Adam Kierstead.

2011 Best of Saint John Music Awards
Pepper's Pub

2011 CCAA Women's Volleyball National Championship

CultureHub will be live video streaming this year's CCAA Women's National Volleyball Championship. Here's the broadcast schedule.

Atlantic Time Zone (-4 UTC)

Thursday, March 10, 2011 (Competition - day 1)
1:00pm Game # 1
3:00pm Game # 2
6:00pm Game # 3
8:00pm Game # 4

Friday, March 11, 2011 (Competition - day 2)
1:00pm Game # 5
3:00pm Game # 6
6:00pm Game # 7
8:00pm Game # 8

Communication Breakdown

Here's an old travel tale from my student days in Sweden.

Support IT growth in New Brunswick, not the US.

Below is an op-ed written for the Telegraph Journal.


I am writing in response to Mr Linfield's editorial "Maximizing government productivity with technology." I am concerned about how some of his information was presented.

The Paramount Building: A home base for the SJ film community?

A few nights ago, Uptown Saint John invited the public to UNBSJ's Grand Hall to share their ideas for the old Paramount Theatre building. The room was arranged with a couple dozen round tables. Each was full, with people standing at the back of the room. After presentations, the mic was passed around to anyone who wanted it. The atmosphere was calm and collected yet bouncing with enthusiasm. I can honestly say there wasn't a "bad" idea ... but maybe a wacky one or two :)


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