Rick White live at SappyFest 2009

Gary Flanagan - If I Was Your Boyfriend

Recorded live at the Sunstar Lounge on July 17th 2010.

The Birthday Cakes

Hailin' from Sudbury, the Birthday Cakes dropped by the Sunstar Lounge bringing their sometimes-fragmented/sometimes-melodic electro rhythms. A fine set, gents!

2009 CFMH Fundrive

2009 Best of Saint John Music Awards

Clinton Charlton and Chuck Teed kick off the 2009 Best of Saint John Music Awards with this little ditty.

Best Record Store - Backstreet Records
Best Radio Station - CFMH 107.3FM
Best Venue - Akhord
Best DJ - DJ Hawk
Best Album Artwork - Jason Ogden for Secrets in Sawdust (Hospital Grade)

War Brides

Download the full EP here
Wooden Wives - War Brides.zip

Includes all 5 tracks and high res album art.

Canada vs USA 2010 Olympic gold medal game reaction and analysis

Our Olympic coverage continues. CultureHub sits down with Karlstad's most valuable spectators to go over the game ... well, to go over them watching the game.

Intro music by Adam Mowery


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