Highlights from the 2010 Olympic Men's Hockey Gold Medal Game

From the Swedish Arctic to Atlantic Canada: taking the cheapest route

What originally started as a small video compilation to be shared only with friends via Facebook has blown up into a magnum opus of unprecedented vanity. You may not enjoy the 12 minutes of inside jokes and shaky shots of close personal friends, but you can at least appreciate the rockin' soundtrack composed entirely of Saint John artists.

Music in order of appearance.

Kommando Elektrolyrik

I went to Berlin. My pal Lukas from Karlstad was there with his band, Kommando Elektrolyrik. As the name implies, it's an electronic variety with fine a layer of "lyrik"al poetry. They did not perform in commando.

The Vanern Ocean

A few weeks ago, the Ekobuss embarked on yet another 5 day excursion. This time the plan was to tour Lake Vänern. We would begin in Karlstad, of course, which sits on the north shore, and travel counter clockwise, spending most of our time on the south shore. Our first night was spent dead center in the middle of the lake on an island called Lurö.

A River With Three Names

Two weeks ago, I spent five days hiking through the mountains and swimming in the cold clean lakes of Norway. I stayed in cabins with varying levels of facilities, from one with a private sauna to another with no electricity nor running water. I'm not describing my vacation, but a class of mine: Nordic Environmental Studies. The aim of this course is to familiarize students with Scandinavian environmental policy and the landscape itself. Like any course, there are lectures, group projects and papers to write, but there are also excursions!

Interview from CHMA

During our stay in Sackville for SappyFest, Arif and I were interviewed by a lovely radio station called CHMA. Listen or download here.

Way Out West

I chose Gothenburg for my port of entry to Sweden for Way Out West. It's recently been ranked one of Europe's top 20 music festivals.

Not quite at the same level of quality as past videos, but not bad for a camera the size of my fist and using only the built-in mic for sound.


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