War Brides

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Wooden Wives - War Brides.zip

Includes all 5 tracks and high res album art.

Last time I saw the Wooden Wives was at their 2009 Christmas show; an annual tradition of the Wives runnin' back to 2006. Their set began with a high octane cut of Janie Jones. Both being big Clash geeks, I was sure to commend guitarist/singer Jud Crandall on the cover after the show. "Dig it, man. We've been recording a lot lately. We should have an EP to release by spring time. Janie Jones will probably make it to the B-side," Crandall said back in December.

Spring is here. The new Wooden Wive EP, War Brides, is here! Janie Jones did make it on, including two other covers: Things Are Getting Better by the Kinks and Biff! Bang! Pow! by The Creation. Starting and ending the 5 track EP are two originals: Subdural Hematoma and War Brides.

Jud describes as "Punky R&B" - a fair description. You can also hear just a spice of rust in their sound. The band members mutual love for Neil Young probably has something to do with it. The cover songs are pretty loyal to the originals with the tempo turned up a tad.

The Wives are celebrating their latest release at this year's International Record Store Day festivities at Backstreet Records in Saint John. They'll be playing live on the Germain Street sidewalk along with Rose Cousins, Haunted Hearts, Riot River, and The Telecasts. The first act will start 2PM TODAY!

When asked if they planned on selling the EP at any point, Crandall responded "At present we're giving away 100 free copies of the CD, and maybe there will be a hard copy for sale at some point but probably not - we'll see." The free copies will be available today at Backstreet records.

It breaks my heart to miss Record Store Day at Backstreet this year. The work put into this event by musicians, the fine people at Backstreet Records and especially Gordy Tufts deserves to be appreciated by as many as possible. Be sure not to miss it. This record store is an important resource to the music community in Saint John. One that has been around longer than most music venues (sad but true). Support it.

Download the entire EP here.