Way Out West

I chose Gothenburg for my port of entry to Sweden for Way Out West. It's recently been ranked one of Europe's top 20 music festivals.

Not quite at the same level of quality as past videos, but not bad for a camera the size of my fist and using only the built-in mic for sound.

Grizzly Bear, My Bloody Valentine, Jay Reatard, Vivian Girls, Wilco and Röyksopp were a few highlights. Like all multi-stage music festivals, the schedule over laps and you have to make some tough decisions. I missed some great bands like Beirut, Gang Gang Dance, Vetiver, Final Fantasy, and most regrettably, Echo and the Bunnymen.

25,000 people filled Slottsskogen for the day time programming. Finding a decent spot at the stage wasn't too difficult no matter how late you arrived. The late night shows, on the other hand, took place in several cramped venues around the downtown. All combined, they could maybe hold a couple thousand making it a competition to get in.

I caught Jay Reatard at Sticky Fingers, just a few blocks from my hotel. When the show ended, I walked my usual route back. I passed by the same ladies hangin' out on the corner, night after night. The thought never occurred to me that these women were hookers until a guy approached one.

"How much?"
She mumbled the price for a couple of different services.
"Hmm. I duno. It's my first time, so..."

So this is how you bargain with a prostitute. Next time I'll take a cab.


Bands I Saw
Vivian Girls
Bon Iver
Grizzly Bear
Arctic Monkeys
Olle Ljungström
My Bloody Valentine
Lilly Allen
The Adolescents
Jay Reatard