CultureShock - Day One: Gothenburg

The Flight
August 12th, 2009
Checked luggage: 1 Backpack
Carry-On: 1 Messenger Bag and 1 hiking-stick/tripod.


For the next 10 months, I will be studying at University of Karlstad in Sweden. You can expect much of my posts to follow will be more on the travel side than Saint John music.


The Burning Hell


Eric's Trip

The Cambrian Explosions!

The Cambrian Explosions
Recorded live at Gus' Pub, Halifax
July 2008

Live Streaming Artist on Vinyl

Saturday June 13th

Artists on Vinyl is a silent auction for CFHM 107.3FM where artists of all caliber make something truly unique using vinyl records. CFMH is hosting a final-bidding-party at Bean Books starting at 7PM. DJ Hawk, recently voted best DJ in the port city, we'll be bringin' the funk! (literally ... he owns a wide collection of funk music)

Live Streaming 2009 Best of Saint John Music Awards

It's the 2nd annual Best of Saint John Music Awards. The live stream starts at 10:30PM AST on Friday May 22nd.

Click here to see the nominees.

CFMH will also be broadcasting the audio live on 107.3FM in the Greater Saint John Area.

Live Streaming CFMH Fundrive Wrap Party

Be sure to catch our first live webcast at 7:30PM AST on May 16th. We'll be video streaming the CFMH Fundrive Wrap Party live from AKhord Pub. That's right, LIVE!!


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