Record Store Day 2009

Party at Gordy's

Gordy Tufts of Backstreet Records fame invited folks to his country home for music.

David R. Elliott

Ruby Jean & the Thoughtful Bees

RJATTB at the Thirsty Mule in Sussex, New Brunswick.

Valentines Day: Adam Mowery, Penny Blacks and The Hard Feelings

CultureHub sits down with Adam Mowery, Penny Blacks & The Hard Feelings before their Valentines Day performance to address some important issues facing the world today.

Slack Sabbath

Slack Sabbath is a weekly concert series hosted and broadcasted live by CFMH 107.3FM. The Wooden Wives kicked off the second season on January 30th 2009. Here's a glimpse of what we caught on tape.

Stereophonic 6

The Superfantastics

Calm Down It's Monday

The Adam Mowery Organization Inauguration

In celebration of Obama's US presidential inauguration, we share with you a performance by the Adam Mowery Organization that was filmed on Halloween night 2008 at Melvin's Bar.


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